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Second hand

Our company "Bona Plus" is on Ukrainian market for more than 19 years. We are engaged in the supply of second hand in Ukraine wholesale. We offer you the widest selection of second hand goods wholesale, which is represented by the original Container collection, Door2Door collection and School collection. We supply second hand wholesale from Denmark, Ireland, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy and Poland. You should contact our representative in Kiev, Dnipro, Lviv, Kramatorsk or Vinnitsa if you want to get our price list.

Original and sorted
second hand

The original second hand wholesale has a lot of advantages. The main of them are low price and a "secret" assortment inside. There are special companies, which have a state license to collect the original second hand and to make a door2door collection or container collection. The company employers go to apartments and houses with the proposition to give them clothes when they make a door2door collection. There are some advantages: clothes are clean, neatly packaged; many new things that did not fit in size or style; children’s clothing and footwear, from which children grow up quick. Container collection is from clothing, footwear, home textiles and toys from residents of the district and the store employees which put in unsold leftovers of the collection and defective goods inside the special tanks on the streets. Container original collection is advantageously different, because the cost of the bag is in several times less than the original door2door collection and there are exclusive and highly liquid branded things with tags.

Sorted collection - is the original, selected for quality, season and type. For 19 years Bona Plus have been importing sorted second hand wholesale for you. Only we have more than 600 positions In Ukraine. We can note SOEX (Germany) and VIVE (Poland) sorting factories, with which we cooperate. They select, sort, thoroughly disinfect and pack clothes that were in use. We offer a huge assortment of sorting to our customers. Here you can find assorted second hand wholesale of the following categories:
1. "Extra" - is an exclusive product with a minimum level of depreciation and brand new things with tags.
2. "First grade" - casual clothes with a minimal wear.
3. "Second grade" - budget clothing with visible wear, small defects, easily eliminated, breakage (broken fastener, missing a button).
Bona Plus supply the high quality and in-demand second-hand positions wholesale for the development of your business and to meet the wishes of end-users.

About us

Bona Plus are 19 years with you!
We work since 2000.

Bona Plus are on the Ukrainian market for more than 19 years. We have an individual approach to each client. Our product meets international quality standards. You can always get all the necessary information from us. Affordable and stable prices just with us! We are constantly developing. We are growing (5 subsidiaries are open all over the territory of Ukraine). We and our clients are proud of the professionalism of our employees. We are stable. We are always open for cooperation.

Customers 10 000 +
10 000 +
Partners around the world...10 +
Successful transactions 97%
Our delivery service all over Ukraine 100%

Market leaders

Our company is on Ukrainian market for more than 18 years, so we are market leaders in Ukraine today.

Large assortment

Direct deliveries and work with the best European partners. We take care about our customers, constantly expanding the range of products, and are always open to cooperation with new customers.

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Please pay your attention that we have delivery service in every region. You shouldn’t worry about delivery of your purchases to your city. We will do it.

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Dear customers, you can get the full price list by calling the phone numbers indicated on the website or filling out the application below. Our managers with pleasure will provide you with information on about the range of products.


ОР Швеция

  • ОР Швеция
1,2 1 kg

ОР Голландия

  • ОР Голландия
1,21 1 kg

ОР Кеннингтон

  • ОР Кеннингтон
$ 2 1 kg
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